SUP tour Breda: see Breda from the canals!

SUP Tour Breda City Canals

Breda is a beautiful old city and to experience the city from the canal is a unique experience for visitors and Breda residents alike. See Breda from the water, not in a boat, but on a SUP board! A SUP board is a stand up paddleboard which is a surf board that you can stand up on and paddle along in the water. It is not only a great way to relax and observe nature andyour surroundings, but it is also a great way to train your balance, build core muscle strength, and work out your whole entire body.

The route will begin at Belcrum Beach and last for about 3-3,5 hours traveling towards the city, around, and back. (Please plan enough flexibility in your afternoon schedule in case we run a little late).

13:45 Belcrum Beach parking lot check in 
14:00-14:30 SUP technique tips and tricks
14:30 Begin the SUP tour in the canal
17:15 End of SUP tour, arrive back at Belcrum

Cost is €34,95  including board rental and guided instruction along the singel.
Light snack water included during the tour.
Cup of tea included at conclusion of lesson.

Belcrum Beach offers food and drink so come by and have lunch before the SUP tour or hang out afterwards and enjoy a cold glass of wine or beer and a snack at the end of the SUP tour!


*Dates for SUP Tour Breda are  8  September* 

Beach Yoga at Belcrum Beach in Breda

Come join Yoga Vixen, Yoga Puur Breda, Yoga-San, and Laura Verstraaten Yoga starting Saturday May 12th and weekly every Saturday until October at Belcrum Beach for beach yoga! Each teacher will take a turn teaching yoga and the classes are donation based class so pay what you can give. The classes offered are Hatha, Vinyasa, Kudalini and Yoga Flow. 


Yoga Vixen will be teaching a Hatha/Vinyasa Flow with a live DJ set. Didier Red will be playing an attractive and relaxed mix of down-tempo, laidback Ibiza style chill-out music during the yoga flow to get you in the vacation mood! Imagine yourself starting your Saturday with yoga in the sun and in the sand and movin' and groovin'. Stay a little longer after the lesson and enjoy fresh and delicious food from Mies en Plage at Belcrum Beach and an ice cold beer or a glass of wine.  More information can be found on the Belcrum Beach Facebook page and on their website!

SUP Yoga Breda

Come join on for SUP yoga at Galderse Meren in Breda!


What is SUP yoga? SUP yoga is yoga on a paddle board. SUP = stand up paddle board is a large surfboard that you can stand on and paddle. The combination of SUP and yoga has been trending worldwide for years and is a very popular form of yoga that trains core muscles and improves balance and flexibility. Practicing yoga on the water on a paddle board in a natural environment is a beautiful way to deepen your own practice of yoga and mindfulness and strengthen your body. The combination of paddling on the board and the yoga lesson will leave you feeling energized yet also relaxed and refreshed. 

Practicing yoga on the paddle board allows you to test your own boundaries in a safe and fun way. There is a chance that you may get wet, so make sure that you wear clothes that dry quickly like sport leggings, sport shorts, and a sport tanktop or t-shirt or clothing that you do not care about getting wet. 

What do you need for this class?
1. A mindset for fun and adventure and you must be able to swim
2. Clothes that can get wet
3. An extra change of clothes and a towel
4. A bottle of water
5. Sunscreen


Class schedule:
-sign in 
-15 min SUP explanation
-75 min SUP yoga lesson plus paddling to and from SUP YOGA location
-conclusion with a cup of tea
The length of the class is around 90 minutes.


€29,95 including SUP board rental.

Combo SUP paddle lesson plus SUP YOGA €49,95


Follow :@yoga_vixen on instagram and twitter / YogaVixen on Facebook
website: www.yogavixen.neu

There are only 5 SUP boards and based on the past popularity of the classes, the spots will fill quickly.

A cup of hot tea is provided at the end of the lesson compliments of Yoga Vixen.


Dates: 2,9, 23rd September, 11:00-13:00


SUP paddle lesson

Learn how to paddle board! This is a beginner's class. Learn the basics of balancing on the paddle board, how to hold a paddle, how to paddle, and how to turn and stop. This is a one hour class. The cost is €24,95 and includes board rental.


Dates:  15 July, Galdersemeren

Time: 10:00-11:00



Combo lesson possible with SUP YOGA or Paddle fitness for €49,95

Dates: 2, 9, 23rd September, 10:00-11:00 and 14:00-15:00




Paddle Fitness

This class is a combination of paddle boarding and fitness training on a SUP board. With the use of your paddle and resistance bands, strengthen and sculpt your muscles and improve your balance. The class also includes short power sprints on the board to get your heart rate elevated. It is recommended to take the introduction to paddle boarding class before you try this class if you have never been on a paddle board. Length of the class is 90 minutes which includes a short introduction and a short cool down.

Cost is €29,95 for this 90 minute class plus the use of all materials including paddle board rental and use of resistance bands.


Combo SUP paddle lesson plus Paddle Fitness for €49,95


Dates:  2,9, 23rd September, 15:00-17:00