Lesson Schedule

Yoga lessons are 75 minutes and  based on a Hatha Yoga flow. Each lesson begins with mindful breathing and concludes with a mindful relaxation. The lessons will focus on strengthening plus opening and lengthening muscles. Each person receives personal attention and modifications when necessary with props. Creative and fluid sequencing vary from class to class.


Yoga flow is a easy to moderate paced Hatha yogaflow where you can learn the yoga postures with correct alignment and breath awareness. This class is great for both beginners and experienced practitioners of yoga. 


Power yoga is a faster paced Hatha yogaflow aimed at people who have more yoga experience. Sequencing is more challenging with core training added into the flow sequence with possible arm balances and inversions.


Tips for a successful yoga practice:

- Please show up a little early to get settled in

- Bring a water bottle and a towel

- Have no expectations, agendas, or goals-- yoga is not a competition sport

- Come with an open heart and mind-- yoga is meant to unite your mind, body, and soul

- Be prepared to have fun! My classes are known for being playful. : )

- Everyone can practice yoga, even people who claim to be inflexible


**** If you have known health issues, please consult your doctor before coming and please let me know of any health problems or injuries-- this is VERY IMPORTANT!



Monday evenings

21:00-22:00 Power Yoga

Kickfit in Breda

Tuesday evenings

19:30-20:45 Yoga flow


Thursday evenings

20:00-21:15 Yoga flow