Business Yoga

Increase the productivity and the concentration of your employees while decreasing their stress and sick days by offering yoga at your place of business. Yoga Vixen can come to your business and offer yoga and mindfulness classes. Schedule what time fits in best with your business.


Yoga Vixen's Corporate Wellness Yoga & Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programs start at €200 per hour + additional  commuting fees (based on distance).



- A single 1-hour session at a rate of €200/hr

- 1 session per week with a 1 month commitment at a discounted rate of €190/hr (6 month commitment €185/hr)

- 2 sessions per week with a 1 month commitment at a discounted rate of €180/hr (6 month commitment €175/hr)

*Payment required in advance.


Read Here what experts are saying about the benefits effects yoga and mindfulness on corporations:


When Mr. Bertolini reviewed Aetna’s financial performance for 2012, he noticed something surprising: Health care costs had fallen. For the year, paid medical claims per employee were down 7.3 percent. That amounted to about $9 million in savings. The next year, health care costs rose 5.7 percent, but have remained about 3 percent lower than they were before yoga and meditation were introduced at the company.


 Participants reported less perceived stress, reduced back pain, more serenity and improved self-assuredness. The results of this pilot study may provide a foundation for larger cost-effectiveness trials of yoga-based programmes in the workplace, which could result in the twin benefits of substantial savings for employers and health improvements for employees.

Yoga is literally a moving meditation. It gave me time to clear my head, unpack the volumes of new information I was absorbing each day and then come back with a new, clearer perspective on the problems at hand. On top of that, it’s a great workout.

Photos from Business Yoga Clients

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